Insightful Cases Studies on International Trade

10 Insightful Case Studies on How to Avoid Pitfalls,Tricks & Traps in International Trade

Hey Everyone, I’m Sook Ling. I’m the Content Creator from Tradelinks Resources, a training specialist in the area of Incoterms, Letters of Credit, UCP600, Bills of Lading etc.  I would like to welcome you to our 1st online module titled “10 Insightful Cases Studies on How to Avoid Pitfalls, Tricks and Traps in  International Trade”.

The case studies in this module is designed for those who are involved in International Trade viz manufacturers, traders, exporters, importers, bankers, insurers, freight forwarders and carriers.

One of the best ways to learn about the pitfalls, risks and traps in international trade is from recorded past cases.  

Mr Billy Fong, Principal Trainer from Tradelinks Resources and I have worked together to summarize the case studies into a pictorial form so that you can learn from the cases in an easy way.

Course Curriculum

Free Case 1 : How a House Bill of Lading can be risky for an Exporter - Examining the risk of using FOB for an Exporter.
Free Case 2 : How an Importer was cheated by the Exporter using forged documents in a Letter of Credit transaction
Free Case 3 : The consequences if the goods description in the Sales Contract does not match the terms of the Letter of Credit
Case 1 : Han Jin Bankruptcy - An Importer's harrowing experience
Case 2 : How using an LC to pay for past shipment of goods can be detrimental to the Seller
Case 3 : Can an Issuing Bank be held liable to the applicant if there are forgeries in the documents submitted to the Exporter
Case 4 : How backdating a Bill of Lading is tantamount to fraud
Case 5 : How an Issuing Bank was liable to pay US$1.2million due to non compliance to Article 14 of UCP500
Case 6 : Beware of Triad Syndicates operating in International Trade
Case 7 : How an Exporter did not get paid under a Confirmed LC although the Importer had waived the discrepancies
Case 8 : How an Importer was not able to claim under Insurance for damaged goods
Case 9 : A surprise twist on how things can go wrong for both Seller & Buyer on a transaction using Incoterms DAP.
Case 10 : How Importing under CIF can be risky

Course Content

16 Videos
13 PDFs

Online Instructors

Mr. Billy Fong Goon Poy, ACIB, MITD, is the principal trainer of Tradelinks Resources Sdn. Bhd which specializes in training in Letters of Credit, Incoterms, Bills of Lading, UCP600 and ISBP 

Billy Fong was the Chief Trainer of the Trade Finance Faculty of the Staff Training Centre of a major international bank in Malaysia. Mr. Billy Fong has more than 15 years of working experience in the banking industry in the area of trade financing.

Mr. Billy Fong has over the past 25 years conducted numerous workshops on international trade for exporters, importers, bankers, freight forwarders, lawyers etc.

Sook Ling is the Online Content Creator for Tradelinks Resources. Prior to joining Tradelinks Resources, she has over 5 years of working experience in one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms & Shell.

She works with Mr Billy Fong to convert his seminars into online videos to share with the international trade community

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